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tcdavis_with_nikonTCDavis is a retired Presbyterian pastor, who after retiring became a Web literacy blogger, e-book author, photographer, and film maker.  He served as a naval adviser to a South Vietnamese junk base in the Mekong Delta in 1970.  In February of 2012 he and his wife traveled to Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  The final leg of that journey took them close to where Davis had been involved in combat.  In his illustrated e-book, Double Exposure:  A Veteran Returns to Vietnam, Davis uses photos and mental images to introduce 22 entertaining and inspiring chapters.  His many years of experience as a pastor, seminary professor, and marriage and family therapist inform his approach to writing.  Click on his picture to see his LinkedIn profile.

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  1. Tony Maxwell says:

    … Joan Leof recommended I contact you re: doing a radio interview at WVUD re: your book “Double Exposure: A Veteran Returns to Vietnam”. The program is “Radio Alchemy” where I interview writers, speakers & consultants about various educational topics. Not sure if you’re local to Newark, DE & I do live recordings which air every Sunday from Noon to 1 pm … it can also be done by phone, except that you have to initiate the call. Thank you, Tony

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